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President of the Republic of Algeria
Abdelmajid Tebboune
Presidence de la republique
Place Mohammed Seddik Benyahiya, El Mouradia
ALGER 16000

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Dijk en Waard, September 2023

Your Excellency,

At home, in my own country, I am one among many who are concerned about Human Rights. That's why I am writing Your Excellency to express my great concern about the situation of


I want to express my deep concern about the conviction on appeal of journalist Ihsane El Kadi. On 18 June his sentence was increased from five to seven years in prison. It appears to be an attempt to criminalize journalism.

Ihsane El Kadi was initially convicted on 2 April 2023 by the Sidi M’hamed first instance tribunal in Algiers, on charges of "receiving funds for political propaganda” and “harming the national security of the state".
These charges relate to money which his daughter sent to him and which he invested into his media company – something which is not a criminal offense under Algerian law. The Tribunal also ordered the dissolution of El Kadi’s media company “Interface Media”.

The Algerian authorities have previously targeted El Kadi several times through judicial harassment and interrogations about his journalism. Ihsane El Kadi remains detained in El Harrach prison in Algiers.

I urge Your Excellency to immediately and unconditionally release Ihsane El Kadi and quash his conviction.

Thank You for Your Excellency’s attention in this very important matter, I am waiting for Your answer and positive news about Ihsane El Kadi.

Yours sincerely and respectfully,


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